What Are The Most Expensive Supplements in the World?

| May 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

There are Herbs That Cost One Thousand Times More than Sunrider.

I used to like to shock people a bit by explaining that Sunrider was very expensive.  I would then quickly add that it was worth every penny because it was the finest herb food combination in the world – concentrated anywhere from seven to forty times. Isn’t that what most people want – something that really works – because when you are dealing with the most precious commodity we have – our health – we really do want the best.

Sunirder actually costs less per gram than other supplements which are not concentrated, which are NOT enhanced, and which don’t have the same high initial quality. When you add the increased health benefits it starts to look like a real bargain.

Since Sunrider reduces its prices though, it’s become so cost effective even I can’t make jokes about it. As if to emphasize this in my mind,  I just came across a couple of really expensive supplements though that really go way beyond anything I could imagine.

National Geographic just did a feature article about Tibetan tea and herb trade. A lucrative cash crop is a dried WORM that they harvest wild.  This worm, whose special effects are created by a parasitic fungus is considered in China as “ a cure-all for the ravages of aging, for health issues ranging from infection to inflammation, fatigue to phlegm to cancer.”  Some sources also claim the Chinese athletes also use this extensively  to achieve there world records.  The result is bet that  Chinese pay up to $80 per gram.

Yikes.  It doesn’t look like something I would like to eat. If you consider the cost it becomes even more unsavory.  The average supplement bottle is 50 grams (100 capsules of 500 mg)  That would mean a bottle of these worms (called Yartsa gompo)  would cost $4000.

But $4000 a bottle is still cheap compared to the most expensive medicinal plant ever purchased.

The most expensive Ginseng plant ever purchased costs $400,000!  this three hundred years old wild plant  is the most ever paid for any ginseng. It weighs just  366 grams.

Now this looks like something I would like to eat.  Almost like a carrot. Cost per gram is $1092.  If you were going to put that in a fifty gram bottle – that would cost $54,000.00.

Maybe I will just stick with something I know works incredibly well and gives me great value!

What do you think about this?


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  1. randy says:

    thanks for the comment. Yes, I also use ginseng but of course I don’t use such an expensive one. It is good to use a better quality one!

  2. randy says:

    Thanks Bernie. I also use ginseng and LIKE the results.

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